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Jordan is a kingdom steeped in history and culture, full of Roman cities, Crusader castles and biblical sites, but there are also some unmissable natural sites, from the beautiful nature reserves and Wadi Rum desert to the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea and the glittering Red Sea.

Escorted group tours

Our escorted small group tours are different from our tailor-made holidays in that travel is always in small groups with the services of an experienced guide throughout the trip.Enjoy savings made possible by travelling as part of a group of like-minded people on our escorted tours. Group sizes are usually restricted to a maximum of 25 and a minimum of 12.

Tailor-made holidays

For those who prefer to travel at their own pace or to explore places not included in the brochure itineraries, Jordan Trips has years’ of experience at organising tailor-made holidays to Jordan. Our expert tour consultants will be pleased to suggest ideas to complement your own and to organise the most appropriate programme to suit your interests, time and budget.

Popular Places



Exploring Petra

Built by the Nabateans, who grew rich through their control of the frankincense trade routes through Arabia, Petra fell into obscurity about a thousand years ago, while its existence – and location – were kept a closely-guarded secret by the local Bedouin.


Magical Wadi Rum

It was T.E. Lawrence who brought Wadi Rum to public attention, and his description of the desert region as “vast, echoing and godlike” sums it up perfectly. The red sand and towering sandstone mountains make this a deservedly popular destination.


The Dead Sea

Why not relax in one of the world’s largest outdoor spas? Immerse yourself in the rich Dead Sea minerals and float on the therapeutic salty waters. Or pamper yourself in one of the many hotels on offer at the Dead Sea and the Red Sea resort of Aqaba. Here at Jordan Trips, we know what makes the perfect, relaxing holiday.


Dana Village

Dana is about 500 years old, and preserves many aspects of Jordanian villages of the 19th century villages of Jordan. It hosts Dana nature reserve, one of Jordan’s premier nature reserves with eco-tourism facilities.

Desert Castle (8)

The Desert Castles

The castles were built between the 7th century and 8th century, roughly between 660 and 750, under the caliphs of the Umayyad dynasty who had made Damascus their new capital in 661. The majority of the castles lie on the ancient trade routes towards Medina and Kufa.


Aqaba the Red Sea Gem

Enjoy the Red Sea beach resort of Aqaba which is renowned for its snorkelling and diving. Many of our hotels we feature in Aqaba are directly on the beachfront. We know what makes the perfect beach holiday.



Immerse yourself in the bustling capital city of Amman discovering both old and new areas. Many of our hotels we feature in Amman are a great base to explore this fantastic city. Here at Jordan Trips we know what makes the perfect Amman holiday.



Jerash is the Classical jewel in Jordan’s crown but the Greeks and Romans left their traces across the country, sometimes leaving behind entire cities, like Umm Qais, and sometimes modifying existing settlements, as with the colonnaded street in Petra.


Madaba & Mount Nebo

The Madaba Map (also known as the Madaba Mosaic Map) is part of a floor mosaic in the early Byzantine church of Saint George at Madaba, Jordan.


Airport Transfer

Whatever your holidays in Jordan, we can bring you the services that fulfil your highest expectations for quality and care for detail.


Family Holidays

We offer a range of family friendly holidays in fabulous locations such as Amman, Aqaba, Dead Sea and Petra with a great choice of hotels that welcome families with children of all ages.


It’s your trip

Tailor-made everything from transfers to:
· Your choice of catering & beverages
· Hotel restaurant reservations
· Sightseeing in Jordan


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We offer some of the most exclusive luxury vacation packages anywhere at the best prices possible. Get in touch with us today.


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