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Madaba, Mount Nebo & the Dead Sea

Departure at 8:30 AM
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Departure from your Amman hotel for the town of Madaba with clothing suitable to enter churches and for bathing. In Madaba is the world-renowned Mosaic Map. In fact, it is a town with a great abundance of well preserved mosaics, most dating from the 6th to 7th centuries CE, more than in any other place in the eastern Mediterranean region. The map, situated in the church of Saint George, dates from after 542 CE when Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre Church which lies at its centre was dedicated. It was partially destroyed in an earthquake and was re-discovered in 1884. Extending to 16 metres by 5 metres, it shows an area from Lebanon in the north to the Nile delta in the south and from the Mediterranean to the eastern desert region of Jordan with the Holy City of Jerusalem at its centre. It has been of great historical significance in verifying the locations of biblical sites. Its purpose was to show pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land along the Kings’ Highway where those sites were situated, to help the pilgrims on their journeys. Madaba was the place where those travelling pilgrims, during the early centuries of Christianity, coming from the north or south, congregated and turned westwards to head towards the River Jordan and Jerusalem.
From Madaba, we take the short drive to Mount Nebo where according to the bible, Moses died, having brought his people all the way from Egypt across the Sinai Peninsula and on the long trail northwards through present day Jordan to Mount Nebo. He sat and viewed the land across the rift valley of the River Jordan and the Dead Sea and passed away. Mount Nebo church contains beautiful mosaics depicting animals and plants.
Returning via Madaba, we travel through it and down to the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. At 427 metres (1,400 feet) below sea level, the Dead Sea’s shores are Earth’s lowest elevation on land. With salinity levels of 34%, over nine times more than the world’s oceans, floating on your back is the best and easiest option as your body will not sink into the water enough to swim on your stomach. The waters of the Dead Sea have therapeutic and curative qualities that work wonders for the skin and your feeling of well-being. The resort has an excellent restaurant overlooking the water. Enjoy an delicious meal in this extraordinary setting between floating and mud sessions on the beach. The resort has an excellent spa centre where at your own expense you can choose from a large menu of spa treatments. After a very enjoyable day in the lowest spot on Earth, in the late afternoon, we take the vehicle back to your Amman hotel. L.

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